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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Responsible AJ

AJ, after dinner willingly collected all the dinner plates and placed them on the sink. I thought, that was it! But suddenly, he got himself a monoblock chair and called me. "Ma, hugas tato plato! ("Ma, I'm going to wash the dishes...")". I was surprised but I was really glad! I was so proud of AJ! A three-year-old-boy was so eager to help me up with the chores... Lucky me! c",)

Actually, he got this idea of washing dishes because of this little girl he saw on FB who was singing while washing something on the sink. Check this out!

'Twas a good thing though that AJ didn't copy that kiddo exactly! He never tried to wash my laptop! Thank God! lolz! c",)

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  1. He's 3? Bit big for his age ha? Hope he keeps that up! Galing mo dhors...